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I'm a voice teacher with a busy private studio in New York City. I have more than 15 years of experience teaching singing technique to professionals and amateurs who perform everything from opera to Persian classical music to death metal. I earned my BA in Music at Bennington College, MM degrees in both Voice and Clarinet Performance at Peabody Conservatory, and a DMus in Vocal Performance and Pedagogy at McGill University. Voice teachers who have significantly influenced me include William Neill, Dominic Cossa, and my beloved mentor and colleague W. Stephen Smith. I also incorporate the vocal massage techniques pioneered by Prof. David Ley into my teaching.

Vocal technique is just one component of satisfying singing. Progress in the studio requires keen mental focus and concentration, the ability to communicate emotions authentically, and the strength, flexibility and coordination required for the physical work of singing. However, a one-hour weekly voice lesson is barely sufficient for vocal exercises and repertoire! I am seldom able to address these essential elements of our practice in a meaningful way.

My blog is a place to discuss skills and resources for enhancing our success and pleasure in singing. In addition to posts about vocal technique and musicianship, you will find support for physical fitness and health, tools to enhance mental awareness, and resources to address emotional and psychological blocks. Guest columnists and interviews will include specialists in a wide variety of fields related to singing as well as master voice teachers. Check in frequently for announcements of classes and events designed to fine-tune all areas of practice and performance.

I encourage your input and feedback in exploring this all-encompassing and endlessly fascinating art form!

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