Sports science offers outstanding tools that can help anyone improve alignment, breathing and kinesthetic awareness. Like me, many singers unfortunately grow up with a poor relationship with fitness. If you look at fitness as an extension of what you do in the practice room, you can forge a new, empowering relationship with exercise. Read more →

It is within your power to completely transform everything about your own physiology that has an impact on your voice. Advances in fields such as exercise science, psychology, and bodywork offer tools and technologies to advance what State of the Art means for singers. Read more →

You can take your instrument to the shop when it needs repairs, but if it's your body that needs a tune-up a customized yoga regimen can work wonders. Read more →

For centuries, a big part of trumpet technique has consisted of an effortful array of compensations for the instrument's built-in inconsistencies. David Monette is changing that, and singers can learn from his example. Read more →