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Invisible Oranges

What a great idea! I'll email you soon about a collaborative post.

Kathy Fraser

Claudia: I'm so happy that you've opened this little window into your professional life (and your personal gifts); I've thought about you over the years as the need to sing has crept ever up on me, and always wished I had a way to find you again and consult/commiserate.

I was once so shy of singing in public that I hid behind a camera at every birthday party, lip-synching as the candle-lit cake was marched out! When I began teaching a Waldorf-inspired classroom, singing was to be my bete-noir and my pet project: the teacher's voice is of paramount importance, and nearly everything we do throughout the day has an accompanying song. I read "Toward Freedom in Singing" (put out by Rudolf Steiner Press) and got several CD/songbook sets from Mary Thiennes-Schunemann. I'm curious if you've encountered either of them?

These resources encouraged and inspired me to trust my song-spirit to speak. And that seems to be the essence of Steiner's indications about song, that it is of a spiritual nature. The author of "Toward Freedom" closes her brief treatise by calling the practice of singing "almost a holy path". I'm finding that simply TO practice takes great courage of spirit, but the willing and doing helps to strengthen that inner being. Sharing song with the children or a colleague communicates the status of our spirits so vividly, and is one of the most powerful tools we have in the classroom.

Claudia Friedlander

Hi Kathy! Thank you for the lovely update! I always think of you as the ultimate fearless kickboxing superhero and I had no idea singing was something you found at all daunting. I also didn't realize that singing was so integral to Steiner's work. I suppose I should have - the Stoltzmans' kids attended a Steiner school when I was working for them - but I myself was barely a singer at all back then. It's so great that your commitment to education has gotten you to start singing!

It looks like "Toward Freedom in Singing" is out of print but I will see if I can find it somewhere. Would you be interested in working on a post together about Steiner education and singing at some point?

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