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Invisible Oranges

I've attempted meditation practices a few times over the years, with miserable results. My drunk monkey brain is too drunk. That state that Young describes seems like some sort of unattainable Shangri-La.

Claudia Friedlander

A meditative state can also be described as one where you are simultaneously highly alert and highly relaxed (actually measurable because the brain generates a high frequency of alpha waves). You may already go in and out of a state like this without realizing it, especially when you're at a concert, running, or intensely focused on what you're writing. A formal meditative practice (if you can find one that works better for you than your previous attempts) would just make this state more your default.

Jacopo Buora

Meditation is about letting go our thoughts and allow things to be as "it is". The artist is a vehicle of expression. In singing the Truth of a character or a song manifests.
Meditation can help any artists to manifest this Truth.

Claudia Friedlander

Thanks, Jacopo!

I practice Vipassana meditation (insight meditation) but I have always been very interested in learning more about Vajrayana and other practices invoking deities. It seems to me that striving to merge with a divine presence is ideally quite similar to the way we embody archetypal characters in opera.

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