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Scott Shetler

I remember you coming to learn the blues on moody st
It was a pleasure to see you in Vermont

Claudia Friedlander

It meant a lot to me to play with you, Scotty! wish I had been a better student. Loved hearing you guys perform earlier this month!


Lovely post, Claudia. I move between genres and between singing and flute, and it is in the community music scene that I feel most happy, so I go back to it frequently between forays into the "pro" scene, whatever that is. It is delightful to find a place or organization where the community and professional aspects are in a happy alliance. Brattleboro sounds like a very special place.

Claudia Friedlander

Thanks, Brian! So nice that the online community can start linking our individual communities together, too.

Invisible Oranges

What a beautiful post! I get the feeling that amateur musicians who experience this type of community are much happier than professional ones.

Claudia Friedlander

I'm not sure that's the case - the lines really do blur!

One interesting phenomenon is that sometimes people start out as amateurs and end up becoming professionals. One woman who has now taught voice at the BMC for many years was an anesthesiologist when I lived in Brattleboro - she went back to grad school for music and I don't think she practices medicine any more! I also had an adult clarinet student with a prominent and busy psychotherapy practice. She is now a soundscape artist http://www.soundscapeartist.com/soundscapeartist/about.cfm.

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