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Thanks for this great post. I was going to ask you if that was the Anatomy Coloring Book and then I got to the end of the article and -- lo and behold -- it was!

I already have benefited in my singer life from trying to understand the anatomy behind my instrument, and it does take time and effort, like you mention above. Even though I've gotten a fair grasp on things over the years, I look forward to reading your series because it can always come clearer and there's always gaps in one's knowledge.


A fantastic series developing here Claudia!

Thank you for that.

I completely agree with you - and no matter HOW we learn, we must be able to explain HOW we do things, in order to replicate!

it's not good enough to read a book - this doesn't teach you the DOING of anything. Understanding anatomy is so much more!

If we don't know how things function, we cannot truly claim it can we?

Great post!!

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