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Brian Lee

Hear, hear! I agree 100%. Thanks for writing this and I hope you have written to ASCAP and BMI as well!

Corinne Orde

Absolutely. Reminds me of what I said in my own blog back in May 2008. http://bonne-chanson.blogspot.com/2008/05/iscores.html Things have changed a little since then, but not all that much!


As an avocational singer, I don't have to face this issue at things like auditions, but I would prefer to use copies of my music to work with in lessons and even at my own piano, for the very reason you state about how flat the music lays. I even would prefer to have copies of my choral music so it fits in my binder better than those little choral editions.

These rules seem very cumbersome to me.

Claudia Friedlander

Thanks for directing us to your post, Corinne! Readers, if you agree you should have a look & then follow Corinne's blog as well. Frances, avocational singers are invited to participate in the NATS Student Auditions as well.

Karl Fogel

One reason publishers don't do a better job of supplying scores in useable formats (thus forcing us to photocopy to produce playable copies) is that they are monopolies.

We're not used to thinking of it this way, but that's what a copyright is: it's a monopoly on a particular piece of music, or on an edition of a piece of music. No other publisher can publish that exact thing -- which means there is no competition. Unresponsiveness to market pressure is classic monopoly behavior, and it's no surprise to see it happening here.

Try http://questioncopyright.org/ if you're interested in reading a skeptical point of view on the usefulness of copyright in the Internet age. http://questioncopyright.org/promise is a good place to start. (I work with that group and am also a vocal accompanist. I always make photocopied "long book" versions of my scores -- there's no other way. It's not like we all have page-turners available at every rehearsal and performance!)

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