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Invisible Oranges

What a thought-provoking post! I'm no singer, but it got me thinking about the deficiencies in my speech patterns. Someday I'll talk smoothly!

Claudia Friedlander

Check out Kurt Moll's clips on YouTube, IO - he's very metal!

Alain Bressers

Very interesting read.
What did you observe in terms of Moll's breathing and support? Would you say it definitely is of German- (pushing outward, "bathroom feeling" upon ascending pitch) or Italian/Swedish school (if classifying this is at all appropriate)?

Claudia Friedlander

The class was nearly three years ago now, so my impressions are not as clear as they would have been immediately afterwards. The word that I would use to describe everything I observed about Moll's technique, though, is "Efficient". What he was doing with his breathing and "support" was nearly undetectable because everything about the way he deployed his vocal folds, articulators and resonance was so beautifully coordinated that his sound emitted from him effortlessly yet shook the rafters. Keep in mind that this was a class focusing on Lieder, and much of what he was demonstrating was quite intimate. I would love to see how his instrument functions when addressing big operatic rep!

To the extent that recall anything that would specifically answer your question, it seemed to me that his ribs were expanding and his abdomen remained relaxed while singing. He may have been pushing outward but I would not have been able to observe that.

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