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Have I ever told you that I consider Bugs to have been my primary acting teacher. The precision in timing (not to mention musical timing) makes Looney Tunes an example of genius at work. Mel Blanc was singular in this field.

Martina Wunsch

I can help you with information about Nicolai Shutorev. He later joined the 1948 "version" of the Comedian Harmonists, founded by their exiled Second Tenor who was by then living in Los Angeles, Eric A. Collin. The ensemble went on an extensive European tour, unfortunately Nicolai Shutorev died unexpedetly on September 1948, in Bergen, Norway. It must have been, to my knowledge, before the episode was aired.T hat episode provides the only sound recordings we have of Shutorev, since the groups' records were recorded after his death.

More on Shuterov on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nicolai_Shutorev and a few photos here: https://kleinesblogbuch.blogspot.com/2020/12/nicolai-shutorev.html

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