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Brian Lee

Great article, Claudia! I will refer people to this.

Claudia Friedlander

Sharing a comment from an NFCS member (http://www.nfcs.net/forumframe.html):

I used to say about a certainly notoriously abusive voice teacher: "for that kind of money you could hire a professional dominatrix and do it right."

I used to put up with a lot. At some point I realized that playing games doesn't teach you how to sing. It doesn't even teach you how to play any other game than how to jump through hoops for that particular whack-job teacher. It gets you nowhere.

No one person is the be-all and end-all. Good teachers help you learn what to do. Soon enough you should mostly know how to do it yourself. Baby birds don't spend their whole lives in the next. The goal is to teach them to fly on their own. If you aren't learning to fly then what the hell are you paying (or BORROWING!) all that money for.

I have sadly know singers who had to transfer to another school in order to change teachers. That's absurd.

And having been to a school where this kind of teacher bs either didn't go on or was kept away from the students (and from the student perspective that's 6 = half dozen), I know that it doesn't have to be that way.

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