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That was such a helpful and enlightening demonstration. It helps me to understand and diagnose that I definitely became a habitual adductor while belting out musical theater tunes in high school. That adduction kept me from accessing my high range for so many years, and then when I finally did have some high notes, the adduction continued to keep me from singing freely and comfortably up there. It also helps explain why it took so long to have natural vibrato appear, and why, when the vibrato did start to happen, it was kind of big and wobbly.

Your demo of the abduction also helps me to understand how some of the choristers surrounding me manage to produce that choir-boy-like straight tone I hear all around me in the choir.

BTW, you sound gorgeous on your correct examples (the "classical" and "stylistically correct" ones).

Claudia Friedlander

Glad you found it interesting!

Paradoxically, some of the skills that make for a good choral singers are among the most advanced things a singer can do. Producing a clear straight tone without straining or compromising intonation, sustaining a high pianissimo that blends well with everyone else's, etc.

Jermaine Nance

I don't think I've ever agreed with an article as much as I do this one, well said and done!

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