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This is a tremendous article. Thank you for reminding us of the basics of why this art form is so wonderful.

Steve Tiller

I agree with you about the amazing sound of the opera voice up close, but, in the UK, at least, there are a number of companies that don't believe the route to making opera possible corresponds to something taking place in an auditorium where the singer is competing with a 40 piece orchestra to keep 3500 people awake. Surely, if the opera voice is amazing up close, why not have the audience up close. And let them experience it. That's what turned me on to opera. Going to piano rehearsals and working with young opera singers. Have a look at this video we made: http://vimeo.com/69456635 and our site operamachine.com

Claudia Friedlander

Steve, it looks like your company is doing astonishing work! Hope to experience it firsthand sometime. Rock on!

Steve Tiller

Thanks. We've just been in Japan and had an amazing time at the Bird Theatre in Tottori. http://operamachine.com/2013/10/02/operamachine-in-japan/
Keen to travel the show, we'd love to come to New York too... ;) If we do, we'll look you up. Best Wishes...

Sharkfin Guitarfish

Music is constantly evolving and changing. The human voice is the most expressive and dynamic musical instrument we know. People will always explore the furthest reaches of expressing emotion through the almost infinite possibilities contained within the human voice. Opera is just a genre. The human voice will continue to be important and relevant just by its very nature as one of human being's main methods of communication. Art and artistic human expression goes far beyond the mere confines of genre. Embrace artistic possibilities rather than bemoaning the the fact that "music is not what it used to be". It never was.

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