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This is fabulous, Claudia! Some kinds of rubric for "mastery" is possible and sorely needed. Will be interested to see if you take on how problems arise when faculty's inability to effectively address deficits is revealed. That issue is immense.

Claudia Friedlander

Thanks - really glad you like the post! It is indeed a big part of the problem that there are issues that many voice faculty simply do not know how to address effectively. Voice departments continue to enthusiastically add star performers to their faculties who have excellent ears but little teaching experience or pedagogy background. I often get lesson inquiries from singers who give glowing reports of the teacher they worked w/ for their MM but say, "they weren't really a technician and now I need someone who can help me work through some specific issues." When such a teacher is faced with a student who can't access their top or has a manic vibrato, and this student doesn't respond well to the same exercises that worked for them, they often conclude that it's an insurmountable problem rather than a technical imbalance. The teachers need to understand that these problem have solutions and either learn to help their students solve them or refer them to someone who can.

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